weJupit's Wireless 4kX60 HDMI Extender up to 20m (WJEXT25-1), Compact Design, 5G Wireless Frequency Bands, Channel Switching and SSID Pairing

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  • Conference/entertainment solution: support wireless transmission of picture/presentation/audio/video from a laptop, camera, or media player to an TV, projector, or LED display up to 20 meters, making a perfect solution for conferences, home entertainment, and multimedia education.
  • 4K@60Hz: seamlessly transmit impeccable 4K video with low latency. Operate at a smooth 60Hz frequency with robust anti-interference capabilities.
  • SSID Pairing and Channel Switching: one-to-one connection, adopt Wi-Fi encryption and auto SSID pairing, can easily switch channels to maintain peak performance in crowded Wi-Fi environments.
  • Flexible and portable, plug and play: light and easy to carry with the flexible mini design. Plug and play, no other App or software needed.


stunning 4K image

Elevate your workspace and home entertainment with effortless elegance. The WeJupitWJEXT25-1 offers seamless wireless streaming to any large screen. Immerse yourself in the clarity of 4K visuals and superior sound quality. Experience convenience, cleanliness, and a clutter-free environment. Say goodbye to the chaos of cables and welcome a streamlined world of vivid imagery and acoustics. Simplify your life, enhance your spaces.


Low latency


Channel switchable

Transmission of 4K @ 60Hz ensures smooth motion without blur, tear, or freeze, even for fast-moving images, such as in action movies or video games.

Low latency of only 0.2 s ensures a close to real-time experience for your streaming. You will have perfect video and audio Synchronization, wonderful Gaming, VR and AR Experiences, enhanced Video Conferencing, and more reliable financial trading.

Operating in the 5.1-5.2 GHz band offers faster data transmission and superior performance due to advanced encoding techniques, outperforming the commonly used 2.4 GHz band. SSID pairing further reinforces this by establishing dedicated device connections, reducing cross-network interference for a clearer signal and heightened security.

Channels are switchable, guaranteeing optimal connectivity by dynamically selecting less congested frequencies, resulting in a smoother and more reliable wireless experience with minimal interference. This feature allows multiple sets of devices working in the same room.

Mirror and Extend Mode

The WJEXT25-1 offers both mirror and extend modes for versatile screen usage.

In mirror mode, you can enjoy movies, concerts, sports, or games on a larger screen, enhancing your viewing experience.

Extend mode can significantly expand your workspace and enables you to view multiple programs simultaneously, which is extremely beneficial for tasks requiring frequent reference to different windows, or to those who work and entertain at the same time.

mini size flexible

Easy to Use and Compatible with Many Electronic Devices